Chris Young has his third No. 1 hit with 'Voices,' the story of a man who hears voices in his head, speaking words of wisdom from four important people in his life: his mama, dad, granddad and grandma.

Their thoughtful advice, as recounted in the song's lyrics, guide Young as he tries to find his way through life:

"I hear voices like / My dad sayin' work that job / But don't work your life away / Mama tellin' me to drop some cash / In the offering plate on Sunday / And granddad sayin' you can have a few / But don't ever cross that line / Yeah I hear voices all the time."

Taste of Country caught up with the country star recently to talk about the songwriting process for 'Voices.' "It was kind of strange because we started with just me and Chris Tompkins writing this song," Young recalled. "There were two verses and a chorus and the tag chorus, (but) there wasn’t a bridge and some of the lyrics were different."

Young went on to explain how everybody they played the song for liked it, but that no one really flipped out over it until they ran into hit songwriter Craig Wiseman. Surprised nobody was doing anything with the song, Wiseman helped them change a few things to bring 'Voices' to its final form. Said Young of the difficult creative process, "From the time we started it to the time we got it finished it was about a good month and a half. It's probably the longest it's ever taken me to get one song to come together."

According to Young, the song's lyrics ring true to his personal life, as he's able to turn to advice from his family when he finds himself in a tough spot, just like the song says:

"Turns out I'm pretty dang lucky / For all that good advice / Those hard-to-find words of wisdom / Holed up here in my mind / And just when I've lost my way / Or I've got too many choices / I hear voices."

Most of all, he's grateful for growing up in a tight-knit family. "I'm so glad we wrote something that really says a lot about family because I'm still really close with my mom, my dad and my grandparents."

You can catch Chris Young on tour singing 'Voices' and all his other recent No. 1 hits, together with Rascal Flatts. For date and ticket information, visit his official website.