Chris Young was the man of the hour last night, as he hosted his No. 1 party for 'Voices' at ASCAP in Nashville. The victory of reaching the top of the charts with 'Voices' was twice as sweet for the singer who released the tune not once, but twice.

"I'm still just as excited as when we finally found out [it went No. 1]," Young told reporters prior to the party. "This one's just a little bit different than the other No. 1s and a little bit more special because it was a re-release. I always thought it was a little funny that the guy that held the record was Randy Travis, most recently. It's been 25 years since he had 'On the Other Hand' re-released and [went] No. 1. That was one of the guys that I grew up listening to, and I bought his whole anthology collection as a kid and was listening to all of his records. It's pretty cool to have your name in record books next to somebody that was really like a huge, huge musical influence on me and an inspiration as an artist."

As party-goers enjoyed sandwiches, veggies, cheese platters and desserts, Young and the song's co-writers, Chris Tompkins and Craig Wiseman, accepted trophies and plaques acknowledging the success of the tune that became the singer's third consecutive No. 1 single.

"I want to thank everybody in this room and everybody who has anything to do with this project," Young said to the group of friends, family and industry members gathered to help celebrate his third trip to the top. "Patience and belief is something exceedingly rare in music. I'm probably one of the luckiest artists to get to work work all these people standing around me today. Right now I'm standing under a giant No. 1 [sign] because of it. I want to thank everyone in this room."

Young's latest single, 'Tomorrow,' has become the singer's fastest rising single today. Young co-wrote the tune with Anthony Smith and Frank Myers. The tune is currently just outside of the Top 20 on Billboard's country singles chart.