Singer/actor Christian Kane, who stars on the TNT series 'Leverage,' recently took part in a 'Tweet and Greet' interview with WSOC listeners. The station's listeners "tweet" questions for artists to answer, and this particular batch of inquiries was decidedly morbid.

Kane was asked which dead musician he'd like to play in a film and which person, dead or alive, he would like to duet with! He chose pop star Pink on the living end, if you're curious. He also said he would be a chef if he wasn't acting and singing. Apparently, he loves to make something called 'rattlesnake steak,' which consists of bleu cheese, jalapenos, green onions, bacon and filet mignon. Mmm…if you like that sort of cuisine.

The multi-talented star said he would prefer to not be asked his favorite songs or movies anymore, since everyone always eventually asks that. He reported that the one thing on his bucket list that he'd like to attempt is to set sail on the open sea for a brief respite. "I'd like to sail for a little while, even if for a few days. I'd like to be on the ocean, where you see nothing else. I dunno if I could hack it. I have a weak stomach," Kane revealed. May we suggest a little Dramamine?

Kane's 'The House Rules' is out now.