Even though he's been trafficking in the country music genre for a decade, triple threat singer/songwriter/actor Christian Kane still considers himself a neophyte in the storied genre, out of respect for what has come before him. In a chat with WYCD, Kane said, "I'm a newcomer to country music, even though I have been doing it for 10 years."

He is often referred to by others as a newbie, but that only irks him a tiny bit. "It does [bug me] a little bit, but then I go with one of my colleagues, Zac Brown, who wrote 'Chicken Fight' 10 years ago. You have to put your time in. I don't mind. We were probably too young and too stupid and too drunk to come out 10 years ago. So it's a nice time for us to come out now. We're still drunk and we're still stupid."

Kane also revealed that his next single is 'Let Me Go,' which he did not write. "I pride myself on writing my songs, but I don't need to with this one," he said. He begged the songwriters of this particular tune to give it to him, which was an honor in and of itself. "They could have given to [Kenny] Chesney or George Strait, and it would have been a hit automatically, but they gave it to a 'newcomer'!"

Kane admits that he is a workaholic who juggles multiple gigs, saying that "my daddy instilled that in me," but that he is not overwhelmed by his workload. "I am still that 14-year-old-kid that prayed that this would happen to him, at the side of his bed," Kane admitted. "It's a good problem to have. My favorite quote is from Woody Allen: '90 percent of life is showing up.'" Kane wanted this lifestyle and now it's here, so he is not complaining!

Kane also "bragged" about his ability to cook. He said he wishes he was better at golf, but that game just gives him an excuse to chug beers. He is, however, most proud of his cooking accomplishments, saying, "I watch the Food Network and have been published in three magazines for my recipes!" His key recipe is his famous Rattlesnake Snake, which does not feature a serpent in the ingredients list.

Snakes aside, Kane also talked about what kind of girls he fancies, saying that Detroit girls are no B.S. and that he likes Motor City gals because "I like a tough girl, I don't like someone who is on the fence or half-assed. I like them strong and bold."

Detroit ladies, are you listening?