Country singer Chuck Wicks has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years since the release of his debut, 'Starting Now.' In fact, Wicks went on a bit of a detour when appearing on the eighth season of 'Dancing With the Stars' in 2009. While the show opened him up to a whole new audience, it was a bit of a distraction. Now, he's ready to refocus the his eye squarely on the country music prize.

"I've gone through a lot of changes on the label front and on the songwriting side," Wicks told WYCD. "I've never been more focused or ready to go than now."

He reflected on his experiences on 'DWTS,' which opened him up to a new mess of fans, but derailed his priorities just a little. Wicks said, "It was great opportunity and opened me up to so many people, to walk down those steps as country singer Chuck Wicks, but it took me away from being out on the road and I lost some momentum on the music side."

But post-'DWTS,' Wicks is picking up steam as he continues to move forward. He lived, he learned and he danced! "I am in a better place and have grown as an artist and a singer and songwriter," he said. The singer also revealed that he has his family's support no matter what this crazy business throws at him, which is always helpful, saying, "I have always been a family guy and close to my brother. Tomorrow, I could go and say, 'I am done. I want to work at Best Buy' and they'd be like, 'Cool as long as you're happy!'"

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