Chuck Wicks waxes nostalgic about hotel bar scenes, Dr. Pepper and Jager shots in his new single 'Old School,' the second single from his so-far untitled 2011 sophomore album.

The song's spare drum track seems designed for slow and close dancing, while the proudly twanging but always restrained electric guitar provides tasteful accompaniment to Wicks' tales of parties from way back:

"Two for one at the Ramada / Drinking coconut coladas / Chasing senoritas out by the pool / That cover band was killer / They were jamming Steve Miller / Til it's last call quarter to two / Oh oh old school."

We're not sure when this all went down, but it must have been a while ago because he clearly mentions listening to music in a "tape deck" in his jeep on the way to the bar. We did some research, and apparently this is a device that played music in some analog method, provided the software -- known as a "cassette" -- didn't get unspooled and all tangled in the gears.

Regardless, 'Old School' seems certain to continue the chart success Chuck Wicks has enjoyed with each of the three singles from his debut album, 2008's 'Starting Now,' as well as this summer's minor hit 'Hold That Thought.'

Listen to Chuck Wicks, 'Old School'