From 'Dancing With the Stars' to Top 40 covers, Chuck Wicks knows how to keep up with the times. The singer recently laid down a country-style rendition of Travie McCoy's hit song 'Billionaire,' mixed with his own song, 'She Gets to Me,' during a radio appearance at WSOC in Charlotte.

Wicks appeared at a smokehouse in Charlotte on Monday to eat lunch, mingle, and perform for a group of anxious radio winners. Not only did he come to play, the 'Stealing Cinderella' singer apparently came to party -- Wick reportedly took shots of Jagermeister and told jokes in between songs -- which created a laid-back and intimate concert treat for the WSOC winners.

In addition to his fun 'Billionaire' cover, Wicks performed an acoustic montage of his own songs, and participated in a 'Tweet and Greet,' where fans who couldn't be in attendance submitted questions for Wicks via Twitter.

Watch Chuck Wicks Perform Travie McCoy's 'Billionaire'