During the latest CMT 'Next Superstar' episode, the final three contestants -- Matt Mason, Steven Clawson and Danielle Lauderdale -- were put to the test of creating their first music video. They were able to lean on some directing heavyweights for their last competition before the show's finale. Paul Cain worked one-on-one with Lauderdale, while Peter Zavadil worked with Clawson, and Mason took direction from TK McKamy.

Each singer chose an original song to showcase in their music video, which best fit their musical taste and style. They had a total of four days to work on a concept, shoot the video, edit the film and put any finishing touches on their piece of art before debuting the finished product in front of a packed crowd at Nashville's famous Belcourt Theater.

Steven Clawson's bittersweet love song, 'You Bring Me Back,' showed the singer in a solemn setting while establishing the fact that he has been blessed with musical talent with many emotional scenes, including those shot of him playing a piano. Throughout the shoot, Clawson struggled some with matching up his lip syncing, but overall the judges felt his video attempt was relatively solid for the most part.

Matt Mason chose his dark and haunting song, 'Chasing Stardust,' which he penned about his past struggles with addiction. The video showed the song in a different concept with the storyline being about a girl who has passed away. The scenes showed the sexy singer in a mysterious light and proved once again that he excels at everything he touches when it comes to being a musical "superstar."

Danielle Lauderdale's video for 'Boy' featured many beautiful scenes, including the singer in a picturesque field with horses, but she lacked a major part of the video creation: having a strong concept and storyline. The climax of the song lead nowhere and the judges -- Matt Serletic and famed video director Trey Fanjoy -- were confused with what the video was supposed to represent.

After Mason was informed that he would be moving on to the finale, Clawson and Lauderdale sang to survive. With a tough decision on their hands, the judges had to say goodbye to Lauderdale, with Clawson also exceeding to the show's finale.

Tune into CMT's 'Next Superstar' next Friday at 9:00PM ET for the finale where Mason and Clawson face off at the mother church of the Grand Ole Opry -- the Ryman Auditorium. Then you, the fans, have the final say on who becomes country music's 'Next Superstar.'