Cole Swindell is adding a much coveted position to his resume. The singer-songwriter has recently been announced as judge for the 2017 Miss America competition.

The "Middle of a Memory" singer is understandably excited to head to New Jersey later this year to be a judge.

"I'm so excited to be a judge at this year’s competition," Swindell tells People. "Knowing how hard the contestants must work to get there, I'm looking forward to helping one of them become Miss America!"

The 2017 Miss America competition will be held on Sept. 11 in Atlantic City, N.J.

Swindell is no doubt a frequent flier member due to his busy touring schedule, and earlier this year, he treated Southwest passengers to an in-flight performance of "You Should Be Here."

In a two-minute video clip, the singer is shown taking airport selfies with fans, signing autographs and performing thousands of feet in the air.

“Right after I signed my record deal with Warner Brothers my dad passed away suddenly,” Swindell explains, adding of the experience, “I think anybody that has ever lost anybody, not even that, I think anybody who has ever missed anybody knows what it’s like to have moments where you’re saying in your head, ‘If they could just be here for this they would just love it.’"

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