Cole Swindell's "Middle of a Memory" is a song that has the singer wondering, "what if?" What if he got the phone number of the girl he was dancing with at the start of the night? What would life be like if she didn't completely disappear when her friends interrupted their moment together?

This all pans out in the video for the song, in which Swindell sees what life would be like with this mystery girl.

The nearly four-minute "Middle of a Memory" video begins with a car chugging along the open road, with a girl driving alone as she clasps the steering wheel tightly. She soon winds up at a house party, where she meets Swindell. When her friends try to drag her away, he steps in for a dance.

While the song itself deals with Swindell lamenting of how the girl left him in the "Middle of a dance floor all alone, in the middle of an old school country song," the video plays out as what could have happened. Instead of disappearing from his life, the two are shown together at a baseball game, tossing the ball around at an abandoned field, in a grocery store, having popcorn while watching a movie at home and celebrating life's fun moments like birthdays and Halloweens together.

However, what appears to be the perfect relationship soon takes a turn. While his girl is driving down that road alone drenched in tears, Swindell soon learns that his ideal situation is far from what he had imagined.

Swindell co-wrote "Middle of a Memory" with Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley. It is the second single off his latest album You Should Be Here.

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