Colt Ford doesn't mess around with nonsensical things like paved roads and tall buildings -- or glass beer mugs, for that matter. In his new music video for 'Country Thang,' the quick-talking singer shares that he's all about chicken wings, poker, dixie cups, and good friends like Dallas Davidson.

We're not sure what your Friday evening plans are, but Ford is headed for the gambling shack, where he'll sip some cold ones and win some dough -- it's a country thang, and it's either in your blood or it ain't.

In this video, the 300-pound country-rapper spits the verses, while Davidson lays down the catchy chorus on the porch. And like a true rap video, Ford is surrounded by beautiful dancing girls, though he's not talking bling and hit records. Rather, the big-hearted country boy says "Take pride at working hard for a living," adding, "It feels good giving back to the needy, greedy is not us."

At the end of the video, after the pair leaves the gambling scene, they roll up on a man sitting on the side of the road -- clearly down on his luck -- and they give him the bag full of their green winnings.

Ford's 'Every Chance I Get' album, home to 'Country Thang,' drops on May 3.

Watch the Colt Ford 'Country Thang' Video Feat. Dallas Davidson