The summer heat is really getting to Colt Ford in his new music video, 'Waste Some Time.' When he hears a voice from above (or does he?), he gets the urge to make a splash and calls on his friends Nic Cowan and Nappy Roots -- and some young girls -- to help.

Ford and his buddies build a gigantic slip-and-slide into the lake, and invite the whole dang neighborhood down for the block party of the century. There's beer, water, kids and music, and the boys have really lined up a good time -- and we're jealous.

Other than hammer in some nails, Ford doesn't do much in this video, as Cowan offers the sweet, soothing chorus and Roots provide some smooth rap verses. Nevertheless, we'd do anything to trade places with the big country rapper, who has made a name for himself with a unique twist on the genre.

"'Waste Some Time' has a cool, mellow grove and gets you in the mood for having fun in the summer," Ford tells The Boot. "And we figured out at the shoot, it's also the perfect song to lather up with some Crisco and belly-flop onto a homemade slide into a lake, as well. Who knew?"

We agree! Now, where's our invite?

Watch the Colt Ford 'Waste Some Time' Video