Connor Christian and Southern Gothic aim just left of center on their new song '(She's) My Salvation,' and they hit their mark. Much like the Zac Brown Band, this five-piece country-Americana outfit is leaning on a unique vocalist and poetic lyrics instead trying to fit into the Nashville mold.

"Close the door, it'll be a while / Til I come back in and see my baby smile / But I know well, that it won't change / By and by I'll enter in to feel the warm eternal flame," the well-traveled Christian sings. If there is one critique to be made it's that songs about time on the road often pass by fans who've never lived that lifestyle. The chorus does a better job of bringing the listener in to his world.

"My salvation, just like coming home / Like always having a fire burning and something on that stove / She's my salvation, oh she never leaves me alone / She's there day in day out and I ain't ever / Gonna let that girl go."

It's clear from the first pull of the fiddle that this band is mega-talented, and the arrangement is a warm blanket around cozy lyrics. Listeners can preview more from CCSG's 'New Hometown 2' album at their official website, and can hear more music from the band on a nine-song sampler that's available for free download here.

Listen to Connor Christian and Southern Gothic, '(She's) My Salvation'