On Monday night's (April 20) episode of The Voice, one contender kicked it old school. Team Blake's Corey Kent White put his spin on version of a classic George Strait tune, "Unwound."

White, an Oklahoma native, sang while his family watched from the crowd. Although he's a country singer, his performance of the Strait song was rockin'. The hopeful did justice to the tune while paying tribute to a man he considers to be one of his idols. He added intense vocal inflections while working the crowd to "Unwound," sporting a grey button-down shirt and dark jeans to keep it country.

Blake Shelton, White's coach, gave him advice leading up to the performance, and the young singer seemed to follow it. He didn't play guitar and instead sang to the crowd, making sure they were completely engaged. Judging by the faces of the females in the audience, they didn't mind the cutie's attention. Shelton bobbed his head along to the song, silently voicing his approval.

While White's performance was upbeat and fun, it wasn't without flaws. He did mess up lyrics to the song, and at least one of the coaches noticed.

"You didn't get away with it, but here is what we find out about the groundwork and the way you recover, you just kept on trucking'," Shelton told White (quote via Tulsa World). "It's the sign of a true pro to keep on truckin', and you did. You sang great, dude."

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