What Nashville country couple was just called scorching red 'hot' even by Hollywood standards? Well, they've been married a while and are up for CMA Awards this year.

Give up? The answer is  Thompson Square, who just made USA Weekend's 'Who's Hot in Hollywood' list. The two will walk the red carpet soon because they are nominated for two honors at the Nov. 9 CMA Awards, thanks to their breakthrough hit 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.' Shawna Thompson says that the phrase went through her mind in 1996 when she and Keifer were dating.

"I did the ol’ gooseneck thing where I was stretching up, hoping he would get the hint and go in for the kiss," Shawna explains. Yes, he did kiss her, but Keifer defends his hesitation by saying, "I’m a little old-fashioned, OK?'"

He's so old-fashioned, in fact, that he recalls all of the details of that special moment. "She was laying in my lap on a loveseat in my apartment. We were watching TV. We had that proverbial look into each other's eyes," he told the publication earlier this year. "And she started doing the turtle neck — you know, started sticking her neck up, lips out, ready to rock."

It must have worked! The happy couple have been married and performing together since 1999.