Teen sisters and country-pop duo Jenny and Ashley offer their acoustic cover of Carrie Underwood's smash 'Good Girl,' the debut single from 'Blown Away.' The sisters changed the arrangement a little, adding harmonies and stripping down the instrumentation, but for the most part, they remain loyal and faithful to the spirit and the melody of the original. So much so that Miss Underwood herself even digs it and mentioned it on Facebook.

Don't Jenny and Ashley look adorable in their dresses and cowgirl boots? Perhaps those are their "goodbye shoes?" Their choreography fits the lyrics of the song as they strut their stuff while singing, as the camera even pans to their feet when the song fades out.

The video is spare, with the sisters in a white-walled room, performing with three other musicians. But then again, they're the centerpiece and manage to keep your attention with their attractiveness and their talent, and the captivating way in which they tackle the song. It doesn't feel like "just another YouTube cover of a smash hit."

Older sis Jenny, who is 16, is the brunette and she plays the "good girl," while her lil sis Ashley, 14, enacts the role of the "bad girl" in this clip. They're like seasoned veterans.

Doesn't Ashley look like she could pass for Carrie's lil' sis?

A little background on the girls: Jenny and Ashley released the 'Songs About You' EP, which they recorded in Nashville. Last year, they toured summer camps, festivals and middle schools. They will repeat the schedule this summer, supporting their 'Our Kinda Life' EP. Perhaps they'll add this cover to their set list.


Watch Jenny + Ashley Cover Carrie Underwood 'Good Girl'