On tonight's (Sept. 11) blind audition episode of Season 3 of 'The Voice,' Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green did battle for country singer and amateur wrestler Casey Muessigmann. His name is pronounced like "Music Man," too. So he seems destined for a career in music. Shelton ultimately nabbed the singer for his team, rightfully so.

Before he took the stage, Muessigmann said that knowing his physical limits via his wrestling experience is what helped him learn how to push his musical limits. He stopped competing in collegiate wrestling when he tore his meniscus. So he gained weight. Then he realized that he needed to go back to music and that's just what he did.

When he took the stage, the audience could see his cowboy hat and boots, but the judges couldn't, obviously. Shelton's ears were tuned, though, and he mentioned that he could hear the clicking of the boots on the stage, which gave away that this would be a country singer!

Muessigmann launched into a soulful, decidedly country version of 'Sweet Home Alabama' and Shelton and Green immediately turned their chairs around for him.

Muessigmann joked that he was waiting for Adam Levine to turn his chair around, to which Blake joked that he should turn his chair back around the other way.

While Green complimented the way that the onetime wrestler took a classic rock song and infused it with country swagger and soul, Shelton was more impressed by the ass-spanking he did while performing. Yep, Muessigmann slapped the back of his thigh while singing, signifying that he was feelin' it!

Muessigmann ultimately made his coaching choice because "I wanna make great country music with Blake Shelton."

Now's his chance.

Watch Casey Muessigmann Perform 'Sweet Home Alabama' on 'The Voice'