Country artists are always evolving. In fact, some are similar to caterpillars, in that they start out as one thing and blossom into something more beautiful as they flourish in their careers. Some stars, on the other hand, have always been butterflies! We've collected photos of country acts from their early days and compared them with photos from today — you'll have to see the transformations to believe them!

Reba McEntire has had the look of a star since she was a newcomer, but her famous red hair has made a few changes. George Strait's look is standard, and he's always been handsome. Jake Owen and Keith Urban, on the other hand, have been all over the board in terms of their style and looks!

Click through the gallery above to see Country Stars Then and Now. These photos of your favorite artists are like going back in time! Whose transformation surprises you most? Tell us in the comments section below.