For Craig Campbell, 2011 will go down as one of the best years of his life as a rising country music star. Over the summer, Campbell opened for the 2011 Country Throwdown Tour, which featured headliner Willie Nelson, released his debut album, and had two singles -- 'Family Man' and 'Fish' -- hit the charts.

Such success is hard to come by for a brand new artist, but Campbell has got his footing just right in the country music industry and he plans to continue on the strong movement forward in the new year. "I feel like this past year was successful, and if I can do what I did in 2011 [next year], we’ll be alright!" Campbell tells Taste of Country. "I’m just going to get out there and do what we did this year, which is play a bunch of honky tonks, fairs and festivals, and try to recruit as many fans as we can and just keep doing what we did this year."

While there are no tours set in stone yet, Campbell says he will have a handful of dates with some major acts throughout the year. "There are [some dates with] Alan Jackson on the horizon, and I’m going to do some shows with Trace Adkins," the singer reveals.

Campbell hopes by the time the touring is in full swing next year he will have his third big hit under his belt with his latest single, 'When I Get It.' The tune is a "stick-it-to-the-man anthem" that the singer co-wrote with Jim McCormick and Jason Matthews. Campbell just wrapped work on the video for the song, which is set to impact the country music networks in the coming weeks.

"The video’s really cool," Campbell says with pride. "It’s a cool concept. Basically it’s just a one take. It’s one camera, one take and one long, continuous shot throughout the whole song. It ended up being really, really neat and really cool. There are some places in it where we speed it up and slow it down. I can’t wait for people to see it. It’s going to be awesome."

Click here to hear the tune and read the inspiration behind the lyrics to 'When I Get It.'