As Craig Campbell declares in his 2010 single, 'Family Man,' family values are everything. The Georgia-native country singer recently surprised Vince and Amy Spicocchi -- the parents of quintuplets -- with a special gift.

The Ohio couple uploaded a four-minute video of their quints with Campbell's 'Family Man' as the background song, because the babies debuted the same day as the single in August 2010. Taylor Elizabeth, Gradyn Vincent, Ilah Eliot, Paige Lee and Enzo Samuel were born prematurely and each had to undergo heart surgery to ensure their chance at survival. When Campbell -- who has two daughters of his own -- caught wind of the family's story and saw the video, he decided to give the parents a much-deserved break.

Campbell hired a limo to pick up the Spicocchis and take them from their home to Akron, Ohio, where he was set to perform at a charity concert series with local station WQMX. There, he greeted the couple backstage and presented them with a check to help with some of the expenses they inevitably incurred from the birth of their five babies. “It was beautiful,” the singer admits. “All of us were crying by the end of the night. It was so special.”

Campbell's debut album, featuring 'Family Man,' hits stores on April 5.

Watch the Spicocchis' Home Video Featuring 'Family Man'