In April, Craig Campbell released his self-titled debut album, and he's since been on the fast track to finding out what it's like to be an artist in demand. The compilation of new tunes, including his debut single and first Top 15 hit, 'Family Man,' has been well received by his loving and loyal fans.

"We've been getting nothing but really, really good feedback, or that's at least all the feedback they're giving me," Campbell tells Taste of Country with laughter. "It's just a record that I'm extremely proud of. It's definitely got that 'Greatest Hits' feel to it to me. We put these songs together with the help of [my producer] Keith Stegall and all the people over at [my label] Bigger Picture. We feel that we put together a good one. We've been getting some good feedback, and the songs are doing good."

The album's second single, 'Fish,' is set to impact radio this month, with the song's video to follow soon after. "We're pretty pumped about it," he says. "The video was shot about a week ago. It's a really, really fun video. It's me, and my co-star in the video is Mariko Izumi. She has a show on the World Fishing Network called 'Hookin' Up With Mariko.' I can't wait for people to see it!"

This week fans flock to Nashville for the annual CMA Music Festival, but unfortunately for Campbell, he has to sit this one out due to the fact that he's in the midst of the 2011 Country Throwdown Tour with headliner Willie Nelson.

"If I have to miss the CMA Music Festival, what better way to do it than to be out on this tour," Campbell says, beaming. "It has been great so far. We've become friends with everybody -- all the touring members, all the staff, all the artists -- it's kind of like a fraternity out here. We're having a lot of fun!"

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