Craig Campbell added some twang to the Adele hit, "Rolling in the Deep," to put a country spin on the pop tune.

Adele's voice is second to none, but Campbell's impressive vocal range and talent make his rendition a pleasure to listen to.

"I'm surprised I haven't done it before now, because she is my dream duet," the Georgia native states before getting into the tune. "If I could ever get her to record a song with me, my bucket list I think would be done."

The "Rolling in the Deep" cover is a part of the almost regular Woman Cover Wednesday series the country singer tries to put out weekly. He has taken inspiration from some of the music industry's greatest female voices, including Katy Perry, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. They are all worth a listen and can be found on his YouTube channel.

Earlier this spring Campbell released his latest single, "Outskirts of Heaven," a sweet song detailing his hope for a heaven filled with open fields and a country way of life.

“Well, it was an idea that I just had. I was kind of just sitting around the house and thought about heaven,” he explains. “I grew up a strong Southern Baptist home and I don’t pretend to know everything about the bible, but I do know that in the Book of Revelations they say that heaven is paved with gold and pearly gates and these big mansions and bright lights.”

Campbell is currently on the road promoting his new single. All of his tour dates can be found at his official website.

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