After appearing weekly at Nashville's famed country club The Stage for nearly five years, Craig Campbell is set to perform the last show of his residency on Tuesday, Jan. 4. The 'Family Man' singer's regular Tuesday night gigs have certainly shaped his work, but the venue has also served as the place where important memories were made with his loved ones.

"Not only has The Stage influenced my music, but it's also played a big role in my family life," Campbell tells Taste of Country. "The Stage was where my wife Mindy and I started hanging out when we first met, and both of my girls were born during my tenure at The Stage."

Campbell's wife Mindy is a singer herself, and the musical family consists of their first daughter, Preslee, as well as the most recent addition to the Campbell family, a baby girl named Kinni who was born this past August.

"Mindy and I have shared that stage more times than I can count, and it's one of my favorite places to play live," he adds.

The Stage is where the singer -- who moved from Lyons, Ga. to Nashville in 2002 and soon found work as a keyboardist in Luke Bryan and Tracy Byrd’s bands -- was first seen by producer Keith Stegall and executives at Bigger Picture Group, and it all led to a record deal.

"It’s been a training ground for my live show and trying out new songs," Campbell says. "I was ‘discovered’ there and met Keith Stegall for the first time at The Stage. My music probably wouldn’t be what it is today without it.”

Campbell's set at The Stage on Jan. 4 is free, and it starts at 7PM. His first single, 'Family Man,' has been steadily moving up on the country charts and is available on his digital EP, 'Five Spot.' Campbell's self-titled full-length debut album will be out on March 1.