Craig Campbell just released a new video for his third single, 'When I Get It,' from his self-titled 2011 release. Championing the woes of the working class in the middle of a recession, the song is upbeat and facetious in its depiction of a man who can't pay his bills and just tells everyone: "When I get it you'll get it."

Shot all in one continuous take without any editing, the video shows Campbell walking around a house and singing as all of his belongings are repossessed and put into a moving truck by movers (played by his band members). The video and the song begin with Campbell answering the phone and, upon finding out he's speaking to a bill collector, claiming not to be home. In the second verse, his ex wife asks for money, and again he resorts to saying, "When I get it you'll get it / Times are tough get in line and wait / When I get it you'll get it / And that's all you're gettin' today."

A spirited anthem for anyone who has ever fallen upon hard financial times, the song takes an often depressing topic and makes it lighthearted and humorous. According to a press release, the filming of this video was ironically true-to-life, as the East Nashville home where it was shot lost power during the filming. Apparently the owner had neglected to pay the light bill, fitting all too perfectly the subject of the song, which premiered on GAC this week.

At the end of the video, movers carry away even the chair Campbell is sitting on. Once they've put it into their truck with everything else, one of them comes after Campbell's guitar. But the 'Family Man' singer shakes his head and turns the guitar around to reveal what's written on the back of his last possession: "Paid in Full."

Watch Craig Campbell's 'When I Get It' video