Craig Campbell tells the story of a goodhearted man trying to fight off bill collectors in his new single, 'When I Get It.' Track three from his self-titled debut album has just enough heart to fight off those anxious to call it a song manufactured to take advantage of today's hot topic. Barely.

The first verse is that phone call those hurting for jobs and money know all too well. Campbell brushes him off saying, "When I get it / You'll get it / Times are tough, get in line and wait / When I get it / You'll get it / And that's all you're getting today."

The 'Fish' singer again shows a wry sense of humor in the song's second verse. "My ex-wife's at the door knocking / Lord that woman won't leave me alone / Same question, where's my money / Well honey you can't get blood from a stone."

Campbell is carving a nice niche for himself that falls somewhere between Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson. 'When I Get It' sounds like a song Jackson might have considered at some point, and there are moments where Campbell uses similar inflections. The "na na nas" are misused, but the chorus is catchy enough that after a second or third listen even the haters will be singing along.

Listen to Craig Campbell, 'When I Get It'