Craig Morgan is back on the Outdoors Channel with his weekly hunting show, 'Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors.' Like the show's first season, Morgan promises more of the same in the new episodes and is looking forward to sharing the spotlight with the people he works closely with on the well-received hunting program.

"We're going to highlight the characters that are involved in the show, [like] my band, crew, family members, because they are a big part of my world," Morgan tells Taste of Country. "That's really what the show is about: my world. So we're going to highlight them a little bit, plus ... it gives me an opportunity to make fun of my band guys!"

Morgan says throughout season one of 'All Access Outdoors,' he learned a lot about the world of hosting a televised program, which he feels will help improve this season.

"I learned a lot as far as production and all those things go," he says. "We've done videos, and I've done a lot of TV hosting for GAC and CMT and stuff, but doing your own show is a lot different. Plus I co-produced this, so I'm involved in the way that goes, as well as the shooting and the layout or outline of the show. So I learned a whole lot about camera angles and how to integrate different things."

"We really brainstormed on season two," he continues. "We worked really hard to try and separate ourselves from not only the other hunting shows, but the other reality shows that are out there. I'm really excited about what we've come up with. The concept is basically the same. It's all about how I integrate my outdoor activities into my touring and my life, but technically I think we've stepped it up a bit."

The season premiere of 'All Access Outdoors,' which aired on June 25, features a variety of Morgan's singing friends during the annual Opry Duck Hunt -- including Blake Shelton, Diamond Rio's Marty Roe, Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry, Jim Ed Brown and Little Jimmy Dickens.

"[The Opry Duck Hunt is] over 40 years old, and it's never been filmed," Morgan says proudly. "They allowed me to come in and film this year. We had a little get together in the evening where we sat together, picked guitar and played songs back and forth, so that stuff will be in there, as well as the hunts that took place while we were there. What's really cool about that is since it's never been recorded, the Hall of Fame has requested some of the footage for the archives, so we'll have footage in the Hall of Fame. That's pretty cool!"

Season two of 'Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors' airs Saturdays at 11:00AM ET on the Outdoors Channel. Morgan's new single, 'This Ole Boy,' will also impact radio next week. The tune is the first release from his forthcoming album on Black River Entertainment.

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