Not only is Craig Morgan a country music star and a military veteran, but he is also the host of his own show, Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors — and he'll be back for a sixth season this summer! 

Morgan's All Access Outdoors will return on Sunday, July 5 at 11PM ET on the Outdoor Channel. The 50-year-old's experience in entertaining, intertwined with his love of the outdoors, makes this show a staple for outdoorsmen and country music fans alike. Adventures in the upcoming season include fishing and rafting in Alaska, taking part in the annual Opry hunt with fellow country music stars and an African safari.

The fifth season of All Access Outdoors earned Morgan a Golden Moose Award from the Outdoor Channel for Best Comedy, and Season 6 should follow suit.

“Every day I’m amazed by the support for this show,” Morgan says. "We have fun every day, and for the outdoor industry to recognize our show is just incredible.”

To celebrate the forthcoming season, Morgan hosted a chat on his Facebook page where he invited fans to ask questions on what to expect over the next few months on his show.

If the Outdoor Channel isn't a part of your cable package, don't worry, you can still see Morgan this summer while he is playing festivals and fairs from coast to coast. He has also spent the last six months in the studio, recording a new album with producer Byron Gallimore. The first single is expected to release this summer, with an album due in 2016.

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