Craig Morgan's 8th annual charity event in Tennessee was a success! The 'That's What I Love About Sunday' singer raised more than $60,000 for kids with a combination of motocross and music.

Morgan's July 20 event was held in his hometown of Dickson, Tennessee (a suburb of Nashville), with proceeds benefitting the Dickson County Craig Morgan Foundation. The singer even had a little family help to get things started this year, as his daughter heads the event committee.

"I think it's important for those of us who've been granted so much fortune, that we share it with our community. For me, it's easy," Morgan tells Taste of Country. "There's a lot of people that are working a whole lot harder than I am. My daughter, for one. She's the chairman of the event committee, so she really does all of the work out here."

"She and all the volunteers -- and that's another thing. Everyone that works on this event -- including our celebrity riders that come in, and our singers -- all come on their own dime," the singer explains. "They don't ask for anything, and all of these volunteers come out and work for two or three days for nothing. Like I said, they are the ones who are really working a lot harder, and I'm just the one fortunate enough to be able to help put it together."

The day started with the motocross exhibition, featuring motocross stars Fred Andrews, Randy Hawkins and Kevin Windham. Tracy Lawrence and Chuck Wicks also tried their hand at the sport alongside Morgan. It was Wicks' first time doing a trail ride, and he said he started small.

"Baby steps," he laughs, talking about his first attempt. He also says Morgan was a lot braver than him saying, "I don't think I'd try some of that stuff...his shoulder's still messed up, so he was like, 'Well, I can't do all of that. I would if I could.' He's crazy. He's funny. I believe Craig will be forever 21. He's going to be a young guy his whole life."

Lawrence and Wicks also joined Morgan onstage for some acoustic performances, including on the singer's newest single, 'We'll Come Back Around.' This year, they even took the event outside.

"That's the biggest change," Morgan says. "We've been wanting to move this thing outside and downtown Dickson for a while. We've found, in doing this over time, that people love the in-the-round --  the storytelling, especially in this area. So we went back to that, got Tracy and Chuck, and we're gonna sit up there and tell stories and sing songs."

He wasn't the only one that loved doing the show in-the-round style. Lawrence seemed to enjoy it as well, saying it was a lot more relaxed than a typical performance.

"Very relaxed," Lawrence shares. "We play off each other. Not formal at all. I don't even bring a set list, I just kinda go with what I feel."

The Dickson County Craig Morgan Foundation is meant to support local foster children. Eventually, Morgan plans to build and maintain a home for displaced kids in the area, and longterm, around the country.

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