Crossin Dixon celebrate a southern rock funeral worthy of a long-time friend with their new single 'Goodbye to Henry,' the second track released from their as yet untitled and unscheduled second album.

The song's rough-hewn twin guitar attack and a pummeling rhythm section blur the line between rock and country even though the tempo's kept slow and twang is always within earshot. It's clear from the start that this is a celebration of a life rather than a traditional mournful funeral, based on how the, well, guest of honor is decked out for the occasion:

"All dressed up in his Sunday best / Worn out jeans and a harley vest / Wallet on a chain and a doo-rag on his head / A carton of camels and a pint of crown / Pictures of his mom and his old bloodhound / Things he's gonna need where he's bound."

Soon enough the mighty Allman Brothers are name-checked as the musical portion of the service turns into an unholy alliance of bikers and church singers:

"And a room full of tattoos, boots and leather / joined in with the choir / I don't think that church had ever heard a word of 'Midnight Rider' / And the thunder of a hundred bikes followed him down Main Street / That's how we said goodbye to Henry."

Naturally, the after-services take place at Henry's favorite bar, and everyone's happy in the knowledge that their friend's last wished were honored, and confident that he's smiling as he watches down on them from above.

Listen to Crossin Dixon, 'Goodbye To Henry'