Curtis Grimes was handed Robert Palmer's 'Addicted to Love' by his coach, Cee Lo Green, and the Texas crooner added some country spice to the rock tune on tonight's episode of 'The Voice.'

"The biggest thing Cee Lo is telling me is to think outside of what's standard," said Grimes. "Not necessarily do it the way people expect it."

"I'm taking a risk doing this rock song, being a country artist," added Grimes. "But I hope it pays off because this is my only chance to get in front of a national audience and show 'em what I do."

Grimes' performance definitely had a country flavor to it, as the singer was surrounded by a bevy of dancers sporting jeans and cowboy hats. The guitar-playing Grimes, who himself was wearing a 10-gallon hat and a sparkly black blazer, delivered the song with his country twang, but never got a chance to show his full range on the tune.

During the coaches' comments, Grimes joked that he'd be willing to take his pants off for Christina Aguilera, referencing remarks the pop starlet made to contestant Patrick Thomas in earlier episodes. Cee Lo told his team member, "I think you did a wonderful job!"

Watch Curtis Grimes Perform 'Addicted to Love'