In this instance, talent definitely runs in the family! This cute kid is kin to Loretta Lynn and, once you hear her voice, you'll definitely see the family resemblance. The then 11-year-old, Emmy Rose, took the stage next to her talented grandmother to perform the Band Perry's "If I Die Young."

This video is from a few years ago and, before introducing her granddaughter, Lynn makes a few jokes (and Emmy Rose almost gets hit in the face with a  microphone). Lynn supports her granddaughter while joking that she'll hit her on the back of the head if she's singing too quietly.

Emmy Rose then begins to strum her guitar in front of the crowd, but it's once she open her mouth that her talent really shines. Emmy Rose sings the song and her voice sounds like traditional country. She's a talent well beyond her years! Watch the video above of Emmy Rose covering the Band Perry.