Newcomer Dakota Bradley has experienced the good fortune of a solid start to his music career, and there have been lots of exciting changes in his life. However, one of the best perks to his newfound fame is his relationship with a special guy -- the iconic Tim McGraw.

The 'Somethin' Like Somethin'' singer found himself on the brink of success after a devastating experience: his St. Louis home burned down. Instead of focusing on the negatives, Bradley put up a YouTube video and it went viral, which led to comedian Ellen DeGeneres catching wind of his talent.

One thing led to another and record producer Byron Gallimore gave the 18-year-old a record and publishing deal -- and introduced him to McGraw.

Bradley tells Examiner,  "He [Gallimore] called me one day and said ‘Hey man, want to meet Tim McGraw?’ I was like ‘sure, I’ll see what I can do.’ I went to Blackbird Studios, and I didn’t really know [what was going to happen]. I brought my guitar and walked in. I was nervous as can be. I sat there and auditioned for Tim. He just looked at me and said ‘Let’s make history.’"

Adds the young hopeful, "We went into the studio the next night and started cutting records. He took me under his wing that day, which was pretty awesome."

McGraw is a father himself to a whole slew of girls, and he's definitely been a family figure in Bradley's life -- but he thinks of him more of a brother than a dad. "Tim is obviously much older than me, but he feels like a big brother that I never had. I only have an older sister," he reveals. "I’ve got a dad, so he doesn’t feel like a dad. He feels like a big brother. Every time I see him, he gives me a bear hug, and he’s always so supportive. He tells me to keep my head up, no matter what happens."

Adds Bradley, "He’s just been a good mentor."

The singer, whose song 'Cherry Bomb Lips' was written by duo Florida Georgia Line, is excited for the future, which includes an upcoming album. With a mentor like McGraw, he's definitely poised for success!