Judging by Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani duking it out during the first Battle Round episode on this seasn of 'The Voice,' Pharrell Williams knows how to pick a team!

When Team Pharrell's Griffin and Luke Wade went to battle, things got heated. It helped, of course, that the team had musical prowess Alicia Keys on their side, as she was the team's advisor for the first round. Williams picked 'Maybe I'm Amazed' for his two team members to battle with, and Keys helped them perfect the song ... by focusing on not being perfect.

During the performance, Griffin and Wade sang to one another, complementing the song in very different ways. Their soulful rendition had the coaches sitting in sheer awe -- Williams even stood to give his team members a serious round of applause.

“That was so amazing,” Stefani told them, adding that she didn’t know Griffin had it in him. Adam Levine revealed that he actually thinks Wade is best singer in competition, but Griffin wasn't far behind. Shelton seemed to also be wowed by the performance, calling it, “one of the greatest battles we’ve ever had on this show.”

In Shelton's eyes, though, Griffin nailed it.

In the end, Williams had the tough choice of picking just one of his team members to advance. He chose Wade. Griffin stood, thanking Williams for everything he had done for him, but as he began to walk away, things got really interesting: Shelton buzzed his button and stole Griffin!

In the biggest twist, Stefani did the same! Shelton couldn't believe it.

“I knew he would do that to me, but you did that to me?” the country singer told her. “Oh no you didn’t!"

“You occupy space that nobody else occupies on that show,” Shelton continued, asking Griffin to join Team Blake. "Please don’t say no to me twice.”

Shelton's begging worked -- Griffin has joined Team Blake!

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