Danielle Bradbery teamed up with Music Choice to broadcast via Facebook Live a performance of some of her new music, as well as to answer questions from fans who were tuned in.

The 20-year-old country singer is gearing up to release a new single, though she kept her lips sealed on what it would be. Instead, she opted to distract us all with her pitch perfect voice in a new song, "Sway."

"Start by kicking off your shoes, leave them right by the door / Then you call a couple friends and you call a few more / Put a drink in your glass it will make you let go / Then you find something smooth on the radio / That makes you want to sway to the left / And sway to the right / Get lost in a groove that will make you lose your mind / Put a smile on your face / And ride into a daze / No there ain't nothing wrong with a song that makes you wanna sway," she sings in the airy song's chorus.

The second song in the Facebook live set was a ballad titled "Potential." Before playing the tune, Bradbery admitted that before she moved to Nashville she wasn't much of a songwriter, and opening up on an emotional level with strangers was nerve-wracking. The ballad is a result of her embracing the songwriting world and the magic that comes with it.

"I'm not in love with you / I'm in love with your potential," Bradbery sings passionately.

We may still have a bit of a wait for new music from the rising star, but this session sure has us excited for what's coming next.

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