'Americal Idol' favorite Danny Gokey refuses to make his fans wait years for new music. Gokey will head into the studio in January to record his next single, with a new full album to follow some time in 2011.

"We figured that we would send something fresh out," Gokey tells Idol Chatter. "We're trying to show the diversity of what I can do, that I'm not locked in a box."

Gokey, who was the third place finalist in the eighth season of 'American Idol,' released his debut album 'My Best Days' in March of 2010. The record charted big sales with 200,000 copies sold -- the highest opening week for a debut country male artist since 1992. Gokey says that he hopes a second album will demonstrate his staying power: "We want to make sure that people know that I'm here to stay. Coming out with a second album will show people that this is not just an attempt, it's something I really want to do."

With 'My Best Days,' time restraints prohibited Gokey from being as involved in the writing process as he would have liked. But with his upcoming album, the country newcomer is working with writers who have laid down lyrics for the biggest names -- including Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood. "We've probably written 10 to 12 songs in the last month," Gokey says. "I'm loving this whole writing thing. I was kind of pushed into it, because we've just been so busy. But I'm so glad I was pushed into it, because I'm unlocking a talent I didn't know I had."

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