There has been a lot of talk about the eagerly anticipated sophomore album release from Danny Gokey, and the former 'American Idol' contestant reveals to Taste of Country the latest news: He's targeted March as the release month of his new single.

"I haven’t cut a new single [yet] because me and the label have been going back and forth trying to pick the new single," Gokey, who's in the midst of working on the new record, tells Taste of Country. As for a release date of the single, the country star adds, "The problem we are running into are my thoughts versus the label's, so we don’t know. We’re in that trying to figure it all out [phase], but there is a lot of camaraderie so that’s good! I think March is the target date."

Gokey says that he and his label have a great relationship and he gushes, "My label has been very good to me, I’ll tell you that. The label needs to make money off of you in order to survive, so that’s their best interest -- they need a hit single so that money can come in. It’s that give and take, but it all works out. I have to say I really work with a great label. I have heard horror stories but I have never experienced anything like that, not even close."

"I’ve been writing like crazy and I have been writing a lot of songs with other songwriters," Gokey continues. "I have written a lot of great ones that I really like. I’m hoping that they get picked for the new album. I want more of an artistic standpoint, and I want more of my DNA on this record."

The rest of his free time is spent on a project that is very important in his life, his charity, Sophia’s Heart Foundation. Sophia's Heart was named after his late wife Sophia who died of a heart condition at just 27-years-old. Gokey says, "Sophia’s Heart has been blowing up also, so I’ve been working on that a lot."