If you were up bright and early this morning, then you no doubt enjoyed Darius Rucker as he performed on 'Good Morning America,' infusing the early bird news program with some sunny country music that was as good as a wake up cup of coffee.

Before he performed his toe-tapper 'This,' Rucker talked about his approach to songwriting, admitting that he is not trying to write hits. He also revealed that he took daughters to see Justin Bieber in concert and said that they will head out to see the 'Glee' cast on tour, too. What a terrific performer, and an even better dad!

In addition to performing, Rucker designed his own behind-the-scenes version of the show's signature 'In Three Words' segment, walking through the halls of the show and holding up the placards bearing three words to communicate. The funniest moment was when Rucker and reporter George Stephanopolous engaged in a witty "showdown" version of 'In Three Words' and held up cards boasting their achievements. For example, Rucker performed at the White House; Stephanopolous reported from it. Stephanopolous liked Hootie and the Blowfish; Rucker knew the Blowfish. It was a silly and fun little game of tit for tat.

Watch Darius Rucker's 'In Three Words' Clip From 'Good Morning America'