Darius Rucker’s latest single, ‘I Got Nothin’,’ is as country as they come. Written with Clay Mills (who also helped Rucker pen his debut country hit, ‘Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It’), the song talks about the lowest point in a relationship when there is nothing left to do but go your separate ways.

“‘I Got Nothin’’ is a song about when you just know it’s over,” Rucker tells Taste of Country. “That is always an awful time. We’ve all been there, and it’s an awful time.”

It’s my third cup of coffee / The fifth time I said I’m sorry / The sun slowly peeking through the glass says we’ve been up all night / We both know where this is going / It's been a long time comin' / Is it really over? / Is this really goodbye? / Maybe I should say something / Maybe you’d change your mind / Maybe, maybe buy a little more time,” he sings in the opening lyrics of the ballad.

“The song is about that moment when you know you could say something or should say something, but there’s nothing to say,” Rucker explains of the lyrics. “It’s a pretty sad, broken moment I think.”

But I got nothin’ / No magic words to stop your leavin’ to end this hurt / I’m just blank, starin’ into space, prayin’ please, please let me think of something / Because I got nothin'," Rucker sings in the chorus.

“I love everything about this song,” Rucker says. “It’s one of my favorite songs on the album.”

‘I Got Nothin’’ is the third single from his ‘Charleston, SC 1966’ album and the follow-up release to his previous chart-topping hit, ‘This.’