Darius Rucker's new 'I Got Nothin'' music video isn't as happy as some of his others, and in the end, he doesn't get everything he ever wanted -- and neither does the character that the song represents.

When the video opens, we see a frazzled couple in a sunny kitchen, staring at one another with pained looks, obviously from having been up all night fighting. Meanwhile, Rucker -- hanging out in the home library -- sings the sad tune from the point-of-view of the man in the story.

As Rucker is begging for mercy in the other room, asking for words to make it right, the dishes in the kitchen start to disappear from the shelves and the table goes from set to unset. The poor male character looks desperate to keep his lady around, but to no avail. Our hearts break when his does, as his wife slips her wedding ring off and sets it on their kitchen table.

We see her walk down the hallway pulling a rolling suitcase, the guy now in their bedroom, watching as the furniture surrounding him starts to disappear as well. Eventually, the table goes too, and the ring drops to the floor.

Back in the library, the books around the 'This' hitmaker fly off the shelves in a similar fashion. The husband and wife are now in the hall, and she makes her way out the front door. She does stop at the door and turn around, her eyes craving a few words from the love of her life, but of course -- like the song says -- her husband has got nothin'. She walks out the door as the video fades out.

'I Got Nothin'' is the third single from Rucker's 2010 'Charleston, SC 1966' album.

Watch the Darius Rucker 'I Got Nothin'' Video