Charleston, S. C. native Darius Rucker is a Southern gentleman through and through. His visual for "Southern Style" celebrates everything that being Southern exemplifies — no matter where you live.

Rucker's visual begins with a woman relaxing on a steep cliff overlooking the sea and its splashing waves. Then two other women are pictured, both off on adventures of their own across the U.S. The video proves that no matter where you are living, you can still have your own Southern charm.

"Southern style, free and easy / Southern style, warm and breezy / If you met her, man believe me / You'd want her to stay a while / Says she don't believe in strangers /  Only sinners with a savior / 'Cause her mom and daddy raised her / Southern style," Rucker sings of women with Southern ways, while playing guitar on the coastline.

The video for the song also features a few important cameos. Rucker's beautiful wife, Beth, makes an appearance in the video as well as his two children, Jack and Dani. Everyone's off traveling the world before returning home to South Carolina to some of the South's best beaches — and one very yummy-looking shrimp boil!

The song itself, which was penned by Rivers Rutherford and Tim James, is full of imagery and idealistic terms about what people like Rucker love about the South. Add the crashing waves and the snow-capped mountains and you've got one gorgeous video. Check it out above.

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