Darius Rucker's 'This' video follows a young guy through a lifetime of bad luck, but emphasizes that without any of the doors shutting, he would never have found his greatest success: his wife and kids.

The video opens when a door slams shut in the face of our character, who has just been dumped by his college girlfriend. Despite his emotional pitfall, the recent college grad picks up the pieces and applies for a job ... which he is soon fired from.

This funny video follows the character through plenty of turmoil on the road to his greatest success, while in the background, Rucker sings about thanking his lucky stars that he missed all of the things he thought he wanted because it led him to a great life.

Though he's down on his luck, the young guy trucks on and lands his first real job, where he meets the girl of his dreams. The lovebirds marry and start a family together -- the 'this' Rucker sings about -- the great here and now that could have never been if it wasn't for all of the terrible 'then.'

The latest video from Rucker explains that, eventually, luck leads you to the right place -- even if it wasn't what you had planned for yourself.

'This' is the latest single from Rucker's ‘Charleston, SC 1966' album.

Watch the Darius Rucker 'This' Video