For the past week, Darius Rucker has sat comfortably at the top of the country singles chart with his latest No. 1 hit, 'This.' 'This' marks Rucker's fifth trip to No. 1 with his solo singles as a country music star. The fans and industry have embraced the former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman, making him feel right at home in country music. Just as he was celebrating his latest accomplishment, Rucker sat down with Taste of Country for a lighthearted conversation about his greatest weakness, his hidden talent and why he wouldn't mind being Miranda Lambert.

Who would you love to trade places with for a day?
Let’s see … Miranda Lambert. That way I could see how it feels to be that cool!

If you could have any superpower imaginable, what would you choose?
I’d definitely want to fly.

What is your favorite benefit of being a celebrity?
The VIP tours at Disney World.

Who is someone -- dead or alive, and of any musical genre -- you would love to record a duet with?
Probably [Paul] McCartney.

What is your best stress reliever?
I like to have a glass of wine.

We figured you were going to say golf!
That’s not a stress reliever … that stresses me out [laughs]! It always stresses me out!

What is your hidden talent?
I’m a really good video game player. That’s it!

What’s the last piece of advice that you gave someone?
I was playing basketball with my [6-year-old] son today. He was pushing the basketball. I told him to let the ball come out of his hands when we play. That was the last bit of advice I’ve given anybody.

What is your biggest weakness?
Candy! Jelly beans, candy corn, just any kind of candy [laughs]!

When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?
I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago with a couple of buddies of mine, and we were at dinner. I cried that night. We were telling jokes, and there was this joke … it was funny! We’ll just leave it at that. It was funny [laughs]!

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