Two 30-year-olds from Columbia, Tenn., have surrendered in the case involving well-known Nashville producer Dave Brainard. Brainard and a friend were assaulted in Nashville last month, resulting in his hospitalization and several surgeries to repair his jaw.

According to the Tennessean, Dustin Carl Hargrove and Nichole M. Hargrove have been charged, he with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor assault, she with just misdemeanor assault. Brainard and his acquaintance spread the word that they were looking for a well-dressed couple, adding that her name was “Nicki.”

It’s not clear what sparked the altercation. The Hargroves' gray Infiniti reportedly struck Deborah DeLoach, after which they got out of the car and began screaming at the pair. A third person also witnessed the attack.

On Wednesday the Tennessean published an interview with Brainard, during which he went into more detail about the attack. He struggled to explain why he was attacked, theorizing it could have been drug-related. "The rage was over the top. It wasn't normal," he says. "I've never experienced it personally, but I've seen people talk about it and in movies."

Brainard says he was pulling DeLoach out from in front of the car when Dustin Hargrove approached, cussing and saying, "You think this is funny?" The producer admits he smiles naturally and may have been doing so to try to diffuse the situation. A few moments later he woke up in the median with blood and chunks of teeth flowing from his mouth.

"I was having some really peaceful dreams and then woke up into the chaos. It was just like in the movies," he tells the newspaper. The police report corroborates his story:

“The altercation became more heated, during which Dustin Hargrove is alleged to have gotten out and grabbed Brainard around the neck, causing him to lose consciousness and fall to the pavement. Nichole Hargrove is alleged to have grabbed Deloach's hair and forced her to the ground. Dustin Hargrove is alleged to have then put his leg into Deloach's chest, pinning her.

Bond for Dustin and Nichole Hargrove was set at $7,500 and $1,000, respectively. The couple have a daughter, according to Dustin Hargrove's biography at WireMasters. Detective Anthony Chandler made an unannounced visit to their home on Tuesday (Oct. 6) and the couple acknowledged their involvement in the incident. Police say they were indeed in town for a wedding reception.

Brainard is a well-known producer who has worked with Jamey Johnson and Jerrod Niemann. He also produced Brandy Clark's 12 Stories album. He says surgery went well and he's healing, but he's not sure if he'll face any longterm effects.

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