Newcomer David Bradley has an old soul. One senses on his website, and in his new song 'Hard Time Movin' On' with Rodney Crowell, that he's had a few life experiences beyond his age. The song is a tender ballad from the northern Englander turned Nashvillian. The subtle beauty may be easily lost during a hectic workday, but during those moments of vulnerability this song will soak in like a shot of whiskey.

"Hey it's me / I know it's kind of strange for me to call / Given that we're broken up and all / But I could think of nothing else to do / So I called you," Bradley begins. 'Hard Time Movin' On' is a story of a guy trying to get over a girl. During the chorus he's begging her to be a nasty witch.

"Is there something you can say / To help me make your memory go away / And even though your heart don't work that way / Make it cruel and make it strong / And if you would tell your new love / I'm sorry if I woke him up / I ain't trying to do him wrong / Just having a hard time moving on," he sings.

Bradley's song is comparable -- but by no means a facsimile -- to the music Steve Azar has been releasing lately, specifically 'Sunshine.' This is an artist's song, one that may struggle to find a mainstream audience because it doesn't flash like a roadside diner marquee. Along the way there are a few lyrical gems like "I've been blistered / By the never ending sunshine of your smile / You know a memory like that will last a while / But I had no idea it would take this long / Or burn so strong." But on the wrong day or in the wrong mood, the brilliantly painful lyric may feel sleepy.