David Nail recently enjoyed an interesting fan encounter while at a Kroger grocery store. A pair of 12-year-old girls followed the singer, but they didn't request an autograph or a photo. They didn't even request that he sing for them. Instead, one of the pre-teens approached the singer and asked him if he would allow her friend to perform for him. Impromptu A&R and entertainment in a supermarket? How quaint and sweet.

Nail tweeted about the experience afterward, posting: "Last few tweets of the day: this happen to me in Kroger this afternoon!" He continued with a couple more tweets, telling the whole story in vivid detail. "Two young girls begin following me from aisle to aisle! I smile a few times, even see em behind me as I check out!" he said. "Right as I get to my car, one of them pokes me in the back and asks if her friend can sing for me? I said, honey if you're willing to sing in broad daylight in a Kroger parking lot, you've already impressed me!"

Nail concluded, "Took a picture with them, wished her luck! They were 12! One of the sweetest moments I've ever shared out in public with fans! Made my day! I have no doubt she would've sounded great with courage like that! Goodnite."

While Nail did not oblige the courageous and ambitious fan's request to "audition" in front of him, he probably made her day by being so gracious and tweeting about her. She left that much of an impression on him and it was likely the same for her.

You never know what kind of encounter you could have in the aisles of a Kroger, whether you are a country star or a fan.