In David Nail's 'Kiss You Tonight' video, two lovers wander the streets of Las Vegas looking for one another -- but is it too late?

Under a midnight sky and the glow of the neon marquees, the busy streets of America's gambling capital look downright romantic. And Nail's rooftop performance only adds to the dramatic effect. His voice is deep and soulful, full of all that emotion and country twang that has led him to become a household name.

While most of the tracks on Nail's 'I'm a Fire' record are upbeat, 'Kiss You Tonight' has Nail solidifying his place as one who does heartbreak better than almost anyone else. It's an intimate song about longing for love, and the video reflects the strong melancholy of a love that may have been lost. But in the end, hope is alive as the estranged couple reunites and Nail reminds us that sometimes, love wins out.

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