Dierks Bentley is on a search for the meaning of life someone to get drunk with, and almost winds up with more than he can handle in the video for his current single, 'Am I the Only One.'

The video kicks off with Dierks frantically trying to rally any of of his domesticated, 'American Idol' watching, non-drinking fans to tear it up with, just like old times. "If I have to raise hell, all by myself, I will," he declares as he hits the bars all by his lonesome.

Luckily, a good looking girl who has likely never walked alone into any bar, ever, does just that in the rinky-dink tavern where Bentley has set up camp. And then, well, whaddya know, she immediately zeroes in on our hero. Only in the movies, TV and music videos, folks, take it from us.

They have a little beer-chugging contest, and then she brings him to a house party with even more beautiful people. Two questions emerge: Who's the designated driver here? Also, isn't the band Bentley joins in with at the party full of the exact same lame-os (in the same clothes) who wouldn't hang out with him before?

We know, we know, we're over-thinking, right? Don't get us wrong, we like the song (as you can see in our song spotlight article about it), and we're sure everybody got home safely after having a lovely night in the company of their peers. Speaking of a night out on the town, it's closing in on Friday night, so...

Watch Dierks Bentley's 'Am I The Only One' video