Dierks Bentley is a fan of 'American Idol,' and even thought he is currently on his Jagermeister Country Tour, he still makes time to watch the show when he can. Bentley now admits that he has his favorite contestant of the season picked out: Jacob Lusk.

"One guy that I saw that really stuck out in my mind was Jacob Lusk," Bentley tells the Hanford Sentinel. "That kid has got the touch of God in him with that much talent and for being so young." He adds, "All of them are amazing, really. A lot of them this season are only 16 or 15-years-old. I have a lot of respect for them and what they do. It takes a lot courage."

Bentley doesn't think he would have auditioned for 'Idol' when he was younger. "I admire 'Idol' and the opportunities it gives these kids, but it's something I, personally, would never do. I always wanted to do my own thing and sing my own original songs and get recognized for my own work. I was just always determined to get where I am today, and started by playing at bars and clubs in downtown Nashville for a tip jar for nearly 10 years."

As for the new 'Idol' judges this season, the country star says, "Steven Tyler is amazing as a judge as well as Jennifer Lopez."