The original version of Dierks Bentley's video for 'Am I the Only One' chronicled his search for a drinking buddy, which is of course a noble pursuit -- and we can't fault him for that. The NHL version of the video celebrates, well, ice hockey.

Footage of Bentley performing live is spliced with plenty of shots of life around the league, including scrums and skirmishes between player, fans furiously waving rally towels, impressive goals, spectacular saves and lots of players checking one another against the boards. It's essentially a day in the life of hockey players and their fans, and these shots capture the fever and the passion with which hockey fans support the sport.

When Bentley sings, "Am I the only one who wants to have fun tonight?" the hockey fans in the U.S. and and Canada demonstrate the fact that no, Dierks Bentley is not the only one in search of a good time!

The video is essentially a well-done commercial for the NHL -- most teams are represented in the footage -- and it certainly is potent enough to entice casual or non-fans to let loose, live a little and have some fun by attending a hockey game in their market.

Hey, if our girl Carrie Underwood can enjoy the hockey life (as a hockey wife), then why can't we?

Watch the NHL Version of Dierks Bentley's 'Am I the Only One' Video