Dierks Bentley invites you to join him in the studio! No need to bring your guitar -- or even leave your computer. Bentley will host a 24-hour live feed from the recording studio while he works on his sixth studio album.

The Capitol Nashville artist will soon head into the studio in Asheville, N.C. to begin work on the follow-up to his successful 2010 release, 'Up on the Ridge.' "I’ve been writing and re-writing and tweaking songs for the past four months to get ready for the studio,” the 'What Was I Thinkin'' singer says.

Bentley will give fans a full day of behind-the-scenes footage via video feed starting Sunday, Jan. 30 on Dierks.com. “I usually come home from the road and go right into the studio, so I’ve never put this much time into prepping and doing pre-production on songs," he adds. "I learned from my experience recording 'Ridge' that getting out of Nashville and away from the business side of things can be really inspiring. I’ve got the best musicians in the world, and we’re going to go hunker down for a few weeks and live and breathe this record. I thought it would be cool to let the fans be part of the whole experience, so we’re going to let them watch as it all goes down.”

Bentley's upcoming album is expected in spring 2011, with a new single to be released first.